Sterilization,Dental Hygien, Disinfection

Sterilization comes at the beginning neccessarily.Excellent treatment starts with the correct sterilization and dental hygien.Correct sterilization protects our patients , dentists, assistants against the infectious illnesses, cross infections, sterilization is a process to kill all the microorganisms in the substance.All germs( which make illness or not) are killed.


Disinfection:It is a process which germs are removed.These processes are used superficially sprays or solutions which don’t contain aldehyde.Sterilization respectively; hard tools(which we will use)are cleaned with a hand then with a necessary tools that is, pre-cleaning is done by an ultrasonic cleaning equipment, then packed.The latest technology at this issue is the autoclave.Sterilization is completed in this device and they are stored in a appropriate storage conditions.Devices pass through the routine contols.