Smiling Design

Depositphotos_28084313_s-2015Our aim is to get the nearest natural asethetics,also we have to consider the patient’s facial anatomy ,patient’s wishes, dentist’s opinion from prosthetic approach to the surgical treatment options are avilable in a wide range.It can be applied to gether or separately.

Restorations supported full ceramic or zirconium

It ıs thr most advanced coating aesthetically, reinforced porcelain is used in infrastructure.The nearest results obtained smilar to the natural teeth because it doesn’t contain metal(light Show feature like natural teeth).Patients who come to our clinic, when full ceramic and zirconium diagnose puts,fisrtly appointment is given, then teeth cut at the first appointment.It ıs completed (depending on the case size)for half an hour or one hour.Temporary dentures fitted on the same day.Rest of the treatment is completed at another appointment.

Porcelain laminate veneers

It aimed to regain the patients natural teeth in the aesthetic dentistry today.(to full fill the patient’s speaking function diş beyazlatmaeasily).Alternative laminate veneers in front teeth can be used for tooth decay, perplexed, discolored, broken , worn teeth.Laminate veneers ,which are the most conservative methods , used for aesthetic and functional adjustments.The biggest advantage of porcelain laminate veneers according to the full ceramic and zirconium coating is that only one side of teeth is cut(facing front).

When porcelain veneers making indications is put in our clinic.Firstly, an appointment is given.At the first appointment, preparation of the teeth(cutting the teeth) is done according to the size of the case.It takes for half an hour or one hour.Temporary prosthesis are fitted on the same day.The rest of the treatment is completed at the another appointment.


These are the procedures to provide whiteness and gain aesthetic for discolored teeth, yellowed teeth , as a result of many factors, bleaching is done with special gels and lights.The most effective method is the Office bleaching in clinic enviroment.

The methods of bleaching

The Type of Office Whitening:This is one of the most effective and reliable method.Firstly, protective agent is applied to the gums.After applying with the special gels, it is activated by a specially designed LED light.This causes your teeth to be opened between 2-3 tons.But if you want whitening of teeth permanently, you have to avoid foods which are colorant at least one week(for example; foods with sauce, red wine , fizzy drinks , coffee, tea, cigarette and so on.)

diş pırlantasıHome Bleaching ( Whitening procedure at home under the control of the dentist): It ıs a tecnıque which is used by the patient with a low conceration of the gel containing the active ingredient.Dentist who determines the concentration, applies the product.The results are determined by the dentist as well.Patient has to use the whitening olate at home.It can be an advantage of him/her.Whitening occurs more slowly at this method, but recycling takes a long time.

Diamond teeth:In accordance with the patient’s request, the Stones which are produced as special, are applied on the teeth in a single session so , aesthetic sparkle gets, this small sparkle sometimes creates a big smile on the patient’s face.

Gingivectomy:It is an treatment which contains periodontolojik.It ıs an operation made to the gums when we want bigger teeth or less of the gums at smile design, we cut the teeth a few millimeters.This process is called gingivectomy.

Orthodontics Treatments:Ortodontics means smooth teeth.Teeth are corrected by using functional

Appliances and the brackets like a bead,which are placed on the teeth , and wires.Ortodontics treatments takes from several months to a few years.Please click for the details…

Invisalign(Transparent Plaque Treatment): While our patients see the orthodontic treatment they don’t want to destroy the appearance of aesthetics.Because of this , invisalign treatment comes up, advanced computer programmes and transparent plaques are used for this treatment.