Common name of the treatments administered for compensation of teeth loss or protection of teeth having extreme material loss due to several reasons is denture prosthesis. In the prosthetic restorations applied in our clinic, advanced technologies are utilized at the maximum level.

Some of the prosthetic restorations applied in our clinic:

  • Implant supported fixed dentures (zirconia / ceramic / conventional porcelain),
  • Implant supported moving dentures, Implant supported hybrid dentures,
  • fixed dentures supported by the prepared teeth (crown and bridgework restorations using zirconia / ceramic / conventional porcelain),
  • Dentures with moving sections (with sensitive holder / hook connection),
  • Total dentures (full plate), Immediate dentures (temporary),
  • Inlay/onlay restorations (ceramic/composite),
  • Laminate restorations (Leaf restorations(Ceramic/composite)