Cosmetic Dentistry


Cosmetic is the science of sensory beauty. Cosmetic is related to formation and perception of beauty. In terms of dentistry, we ensure positive perception of cosmetic beauty by bringing together the white and pink aesthetic with the modern applications we make on the teeth and gum. On a beautiful face, dental and gingival cosmetics play the key role.

In Cosmetic Dentistry practices, even the minor cosmetic dental treatments may sometimes result in very striking changes. In modern cosmetic concept of Dentistry, not only whiteness and evenness of teeth but also healthiness and harmony of the gum with the teeth, which is called pink cosmetic, are in the forefront.

To provide these in Pulpa Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, the following treatments may be used, when necessary. Gum operations and surgical treatments, Orthodontic (braces) treatments, Tartar removal and polishing, Bleaching (whitening), Fully ceramic and zirconium crowns / banding, Laminate veneers, Diamond on the teeth, etc.