• After the theatment of pulling out , tampon is biten at least half an hour.After the teatment don’t rinse your mouth with the water or any mouth wash in 2 or 3 days.(Unless the dentist gives the opposite direction) and don’t spit.Otherwise bleeding time will be longer.
  • Also don’t smoke cigarette for delaying wound healing.Pay attention to your nutrition.How and what kind of food you eat affects wound healing.
  • Expecially , the first days consume soft and warm, grainy foods.Also awoid etreme food (3-10)days.After the operation, we advice pain killers expect an asprin(ASA) ,for example paracetamol, flurbiprofen, naproxen sodium and so on.
  • According to the type of operation or depending on the inflammation pain complaints may not be finished although the patients use the pain killer in two days.After the surgery operation in the third days absolutely consult to your dentist although the pain doesn’t finish.
  • Bleeding as a leakage is normal for 24 hours after the teatment.(48 hours is possible).However , If mouthful bleeding is available for 3 or 5 minutes definitely consult to your dentist.Dentist can call you to the controls after some surgical treatments.
  • Don’t forget to go to the controls. Sometimes, Stitch can be applied by the dentist after some surgical treatment.Stitch can be taken between 7 and 15 days under the the control of dentist or soluble suture is used by itself.