It can be sometimes, a swelling, a bruising, pain depending on edema.Ice pack application will eliminate these complaints or ıt will be reduced significantly with in the first 24 hours.Ice packs are done the first 3 or 5 minutes.After the application process under the influence of anesthesia, without resting continiously, ıce pack can cause burns.Don’t rinse your mouth with water or mouth wash the First two or tree days.Also don’t spit, otherwise , bleedimg time will be longer.Don’t smoke cigarette fot delaying bound healing , Pay attention to your nutrition.Because nutrition can affect positively for healimg the wound.Especially , the first days consume soft and warm, grainy foods.Also awoid extreme hot food(3-10 days).Don’t brush teeth in 3 or 7 days.After that you can brush your teeth with the soft movements.You can brush your other teeth as usual.

Sutures(stitches):Stitches can be taken in 7-15 days by the dentist.In addition to this, soluble suture is used by itself.

The usage of medicine:Antibiotics, pain killers, mouth wash are used given by dentist.Drugs are used as the doctors tell.

Controls: You must make your checks when the dentist tells you.